Take Control of Your Monthly Family Budget

Start by quickly seeing where your hard earned money is being spent.

All you have to do is to upload transaction history in CSV format from your online bank account. It'll automatically clean the file so you can quickly start assigning categories (e.g. groceries, ) to all your expenses. In the end, you’ll see a summary of your totals by categories.

We can process files from these banks:

Your first step for an easy family budget.

A balanced monthly family budget. Do not spend more than what you make. Sounds simple. You already know how much you make. The challenge comes to know exactly where your paycheck is being spent. Don’t worry, we got your back. Here you’ll be able to organize all your expenses to the cent. It will take you minutes, not hours. And you don't even need a calculator. You're welcome!

Upload last month’s transactions

No need to manually enter the over a hundred transaction you probably make each month. Instead, you simply upload a single file with your account activity from your online bank.

Group your expenses by categories

The system will automatically clean up the file and only present your expenses. You just have to assign expense categories, like groceries, from the list we provide you.

Celebrate your new family budget

In the end, you'll have an easy to read summary with the total amounts spent on each of the categories you selected. With the new found power you're in control to manage your monthly budget.


“Wow...just wow. I thought I knew how much I spent on stuff, boy I was off. No wonder I never had any money left to save. Now in minutes I can see to the cent how much I'm spending and on what.”

– Juan Millan, Miami FL.

But what is a CSV File?

A CSV is a simple yet powerful file. It is so convenient that most online banking makes it easy for you to download your transaction history. Still, most of us are not even aware it exists, much less how to benefit from it. We're going to change that.

Click the logos below to see how to download transaction file from your online bank.

How it will help you

You already know your family expenses. How much you spend on bills, cellphone, car, groceries, and housing cost. Based on your math, after taking care of all your monthly expenses, you should have some money left at the end of the month. But for some reason, you’re barely able to make it to the next paycheck. So where is your money going? Don’t worry, we’ll help you to find out.

Set Realistic Budgets

By seeing your real spending behavior you’ll be able to discuss with the family and together set a more realistic budget.

Track Spending

You’ll be able to track your spending to see how you’re doing against your set budget. This will allow you to change spending behavior before it is too late.

Stop Money Leaks

Smaller casual spending that go unnoticed are the ones that mess up your budget. Here you’ll be able to see.